Hello! I’m Gladys! Over the last few months I’ve focused on creating the life I’ve always pictured as a little girl: filled with travel, love, happiness, and many adventures. As perfect as that sounds, life never happens like you plan.

Welcome to my world, Keep It Up Kurkiss is an eclectic blog providing a little bit of insight from one mom to another. My blog has a little bit of everything, including, pregnancy and postpartum/mom advice and it also covers topics related to weight loss, low self esteem, loss of loved ones and how to over come and accept it. I’m sharing with you real life experiences and how I handled every situation, over came it, or I am simply still struggling with a certain situation. If you’re a soon to be mom, here’s an article you might enjoy, 10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Pregnancy. However, if you’re a mom like me needing some insight on love, weight loss, or travel as a mom, here are a few articles for you Love and RelationshipsBody ImageHealth and Fitness.

I am a 22 year old stay at home mom to a beautiful sassy little girl. I grew up in a tiny little town in Eastern Arizona that I’ve attempted to escape many times. My upbringing wasn’t ideal, but it was beautiful compared to some. I was the nerdy, chubby, weird little girl that most everyone liked to pick on. My father was an amazing man but he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and my mother, as amazing as she is, struggles with severe depression. So I, myself, formed a few bad habits (food addiction, alcoholism, and BED) and struggled with severe anxiety and depression. However, I’m one of the lucky ones that managed to over come most of it.

My fiancé and I met in October of 2012 and were head over heels for each other by December. With every relationship comes hardship, and we’ve had our fair share. From infidelity to managing PTSD episodes, we’ve experienced almost all of it. Along the way I learned that you’re never alone, there is always someone to help and I’d love to help as best as I can. I hope you can take something from at least one of my articles. But please, reach out if you need help! You can easily reach me by filling out my Contact page!