Prepare For An Epidural Free Delivery

Let me guess, you’ve just peed on a stick and SURPRISE, you’re going to be a mommy (or daddy)! Trust me, I’ve been there. When I found out that I was pregnant I of course cried a few happy tears and then it dawned on me, I had to push a potential 8 pound baby out of my hooha.  I calmed myself down and reassured myself that if millions of women around the world could give birth in poor conditions, then I could give birth myself. I did a little research about epidurals, after I read all of the horror stories and heard a few from friends I decided that an epidural was not for me. I’ve narrowed it down to four essential musts to denying the epidural; a strong support system, mind set, the exercise ball, and walking.

Having a strong support system is a crucial, you need to remove all potential stressful situations (family members that bicker), and only allow people that support you. Don’t feel bad about denying someones entry in to your room, you and that baby are the only things that matter (besides, once they meet your beautiful baby they’ll totally forget about it). I personally only allowed my mother and baby daddy in the delivery room. The less distractions you have the better, you want to keep your focus on getting your baby out naturally. Having complete faith in your nurses is a must, once you’re in active labor your nurses are life savers. Make sure you trust your nurses (it is possible to ask for a different one).

I took in to consideration everyones suggestions on how to make delivery easier. I am a firm believer in the birthing ball, I bounced on my ball every single night during my third trimester, I rolled my hips on it, I used every technique my doctor suggested. Your birthing ball helps widen your hips (the more your hips widen, the easier it is to push your baby out) if you stick to a routine. The ball is also very helpful when you’re in labor, it eases the pain a little to sit on something soft rather than a hard hospital bed.

Walk, walk, walk! Yes, it is hard to waddle around while in your third trimester, but walking is crucial. Walking helps speed up labor, and the faster you deliver that baby, the less time you have to ask for an epidural.

The most important key to an epidural delivery is your own mind set. I went in to the hospital prepared to give birth naturally. One of the first things I told my nurses was they were to not give me an epidural even if I were to beg for it. I prepared myself every day by sitting in silence and trying to picture the pain of delivery. I wrote down and spoke out loud to myself the reasons I didn’t want an epidural; the needles are up to six inches long that they stick right in to your spine (uh, no thank you!), labor could be twice as long with it, and I just flat out didn’t want it.

The females body is made to give birth, and for the strong minded and strong willed people it is very possible to not get an epidural (it’s possible, I did it myself). Now, don’t let me fool you, I received a half dose of the IV narcotic in the middle of labor. Giving in to the pain is okay, and believe me I don’t think I could’ve given birth without that little break from the pain with the help of the medicine they gave me. However, as soon as that baby has entered the world all of the pain stops, literally. Not only is your labor time cut in half with an epidural, the recovery is much easier as well. So, stay strong in that delivery room! Keep your focus on meeting your baby and find a technique that keeps you comfortable. Good luck soon-to-be mommy! You can do it!


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