10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a magical thing, you’re literally growing another human inside your body. There are a few perks about being pregnant, like no one holds you accountable for the horrible things you say on a hormonal rage. You can get away with stuffing your face like a fat kid, and everyone is really careful with you. As magical as it is though, there are some weird (and frankly, quite disgusting) things that go on during pregnancy. Here are 10 things I wish someone would have told me about being pregnant.

1. The emotions!

The emotions that come along with being pregnant are ridiculous. Prepare yourself for constant mood swings, unpredictable crying fits, and anger. It is not a myth that you can go from laughing about a bear balancing on a ball at the circus to hysterically crying because you feel so horrible that the bear is caged up and mistreated, to then being so angry that the circus can get away with such a heinous act.

2. Oh the pain.

You know the feeling when you wake up in the morning after working out like it was going out of style the day prior? Imagine that times ten. During pregnancy things hurt that you didn’t know were possible to hurt. Prepare for your back, hips, ankles, skin, and most of all your boobs. The further you get along in the pregnancy the more things will start to hurt.

3. Swelling

Swelling typically doesn’t start until the third trimester, but it sneaks up on you. My feet swole so big that none of my shoes fit me (including flip flops!) but not only did my feet and ankles swell, my face swole so big I looked like violet Beauregard off of Charlie and the chocolate factory.

4. Sleepiness

It’s probably the fact that your growing a mini human inside your body that will completely exhaust you. But literally I would fall asleep in the middle of talking to someone. So don’t be ashamed of napping all day! You’re not the only one!

5. Vivid dreams

Pregnancy dreams are a thing, and most women experience them. My dreams started out weird, dreaming about my baby being born at 2 years old and talking, to my baby having 6 arms. Towards the end of the pregnancy I would be scared to go to sleep from nightmares. All of the dreams were so vivd and real.

6. Sex drive

The first trimester I was far too hormonal to think about sex but once I hit that second trimester I only had sex on my mind. I wanted it every second of everyday.

7. Vaginal discharge

Total awkward and disgusting topic. At first I thought the discharge was because of my constant want for sex but after I brought it up to my doctor he assured me that it was a totally normal thing. Prepare yourself for constantly feeling like you piddle a little.

8. The constant peeing (and constipation)

It’s actually a pretty sick joke. Having to pee every hour on the hour gets pretty frustrating, but what’s even more frustrating is not being able to poop. Sitting on the toilet not able to poop sucks and it’s like peeing every hour is just rubbing it in your face.

9. Acne

What happened to the “pregnancy glow” I’d like to talk to the person that claims this. I didn’t have much acne as a teenager but when I was pregnant I got acne every where! On my face, my back, my butt, everywhere! (And it didn’t go away after birth!)

10. Your man changes with you

I truly believed it was a myth that your man can feel “sympathy pains” for you. Trust me, it happens. He’ll get just as emotional as you. My fiancés eating habits changed as well, he started to eat much more (like myself), he’d cry at diaper commercials with me, he even would experience the same back pains as me.


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